Who I am


Ever since she was a child dreaming among the trees, Eva Ledecky has always regarded the world around her with wonder.
She studies visual arts at the University of Strasbourg, then landscape architecture in Blois.
After graduation and during her studies, she travels and fills her sketch books with impressions, while unforgettable memories are etched into her spirit : the misty mornings and ever-changing light of England, the mountains and lakes of Switzerland, the steam and red earth of Guyana, the majestic fjords of New Zealand.

After three-years’ experience as a landscape architect, she sets up her studio–workshop in the Vosges mountains, where, nestling between meadows, streams and forests, Eva rediscovers creativity.
Pools of water, carpets of moss - Eva builds a cosmos of dreams through her insatiable curiosity.
“A landscape fading into the mist after the rain. A ray of sunlight, barely glimpsed, outlining frost-covered twigs. These are magical moments of rare, ephemeral beauty.”
During her ramblings, she learns to truly “see” and then to transfer onto her canvas these instants, details and fragments. Through unerring composition and singular lighting, Eva’s paintings portray sensations.
Exploring matter, both in her pure “open spaces” and her “micro-landscapes”, our artist is searching for the essence and the soul, which render them universal.

Paint, or ink, is natural, consisting of pigment, latex and water. Liquid ink is “projected” onto the canvas in a spontaneous gesture, instinctively.
Collage enables the artist to evoke the geological strata constituting the landscape, the limit between sky and sea, or earth. We have the tearing, then the superimposing and accumulation of strips of paper. Then the vibration, the depth, the mystery. The canvas becomes Matter, a palimpsest evoking time, which leads the eye beyond the image, into another universe.


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  • 1976Eva Ledecky was born in the Vosges, where she lives and works today
  • 1995-1997Université Marc Bloch - STRASBOURG - FRANCE
  • 1997University Diploma in Visual Arts
  • 1997-2002National School of Higher Studies in Nature and Landscape Design
  •                       École Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage (ENSNP) - BLOIS - FRANCE
  • 2002Diploma of the National School of Higher Studies in Nature and Landscape Design
  • 1998Savill and Valley Gardens - Windsor Great Parc - ENGLAND
  • 1999« Landscapes » landscape agency - CAYENNE - GUYANA
  • 2000« Landscapes and Architectures » landscape agency (A.Schmidt et P.Niez) - PARIS
  • 2001« Christoph Hüsler Landscape Architects » LAUSANNE - SWITZERLAND
  • 2002«The Landscape Architecture Agency » MULHOUSE - FRANCE
  • 2003Study trip to NEW ZEALAND
  • 2003-2006« Claire Alliod Landscape Architecture Agency » NANCY - FRANCE
  • 2007Sets up as a painter in France
  • 2008Launch of her art workshop
  •                        Joins the «Maison des Artistes»
  • 2009Accreditation by the DRAC (regional arts committee)
  •                        Article in the magazine « Pratique des Arts - Hors-Série Paysages de France »
  • Since 2008Participation to several projects «art and nature» with childrens
  •                        Teaches drawing and painting in her own studio





HinterzARTen 2011 - Internationales Kunstevent - Presented by ATIG (Art Transfer International Gallery) Marga DITSCH - GERMANY
Maison Natale De Claude Gellée - Conseil Général des Vosges - Chamagne - FRANCE



Openings of studio to the public - Le Tholy
Les Z’aprems à la campagne - Gélaucourt
Solo exhibition - La Maison Didier - Gérardmer
Guest of Honour - Liézey
Solo exhibition - Abbaye Notre-Dame d’Autrey - Autrey
La Maison du Bailly Gallery, Joint exhibition with a photographer and a sculptor - Epinal
Solo exhibition - L’Os et l’Arête - NANCY

Collaboration with the “Conservatoire des Sites Lorrains”


Solo exhibition - CHÂTEAU DE VAUX - Vignobles Molozay - METZ - FRANCE
AR’T Gallery - Remiremont - FRANCE
Le Festival des Arts - Villa Monplaisir - FIRST PRICE - Gérardmer - FRANCE
Openings of studio to the public - Le Tholy - FRANCE
Camille Claudel International Festival of Sculpture - La Bresse - FRANCE


Rose Pompadour Gallery - NANCY
Célestin Gallery - Rochesson
Courant d’Art Gallery - MULHOUSE
Pas Edition Gallery - Benzweiler - GERMANY
Guest of Honour - Espace Emile Gallé - Raon l’Etape
Solo exhibition - Le Manoir du Lac - Gérardmer
Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Museum - Special award for originality
ART INNSBRUCK, presented by Pas Edition Gallery - INNSBRUCK - AUSTRIA
Hanging for the Fantastic Film Festival - Gérardmer




Cube Blanc Gallery - PARIS
Poirel Gallery - NANCY
Video for the Classical music festival - Gérardmer
”Art in the Heart of Europe” - Espace 110 - MULHOUSE
Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Museum
Solo exhibition - Galerie du Casino - Bussang
Hanging for the Fantastic Film Festival - Villa Monplaisir - Gérardmer



Permanent Exhibition

Studio Eva Ledecky - Le Tholy - FRANCE



Works in public collection

Hôtel de ville - Fraize - FRANCE

Hôtel de ville - Le Tholy - FRANCE